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Tackle Shops

Todds Tackle Shop- For all your trophy Rockfishing tackle!

 Parachutes, Tandem rigs and umbrella rigs

I have been making tackle and using my own tackle since 2003, I work very hard to make sure that every piece of tackle that leaves my shop is perfect. I take a lot of pride in what I do; I am always trying to stay a step ahead of the times, and coming up with something that will produce that catch of a life time for the fisherman.

March Brown - High Performance Travel Fly Rods

Travel fly rods made by March brown Ltd. are the world's only true high performance travel fly rods

Travel fly rods made by March brown Ltd. are the world's only true high performance travel fly rods. March Brown Ltd. travel fly rods are extremely lightweight for all day casting and are small enough to fit inside your shirt pocket. Proprietary advances in material science, coupled with our investment in a unique manufacturing and fabrication process, enable March Brown Ltd. to produce our own superior travel fly rod blank. If you plan on taking a travel fly fishing trip you can take a March Brown Ltd. travel fly rod along with confidence. We stand firm behind our travel fly rods, which have a 100% lifetime guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Professionals know these are the very best travel fly rods in the world and like them your travel fly rod will always be ready at your side. March Brown Ltd is recognized as the travel fly fishing specialist of travel fly rods. When it comes to travel fly rods, look no further than March Brown Ltd."

AM Lures

Hand Crafted Wood Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Lures by AM Lures
AM Custom Fishing Lures are hand crafted, fresh and saltwater wood fishing lures hand built one at a time. Our fishing lures are hand turned, painted and assembled to the highest standards and are offered in limited quantities due to the amount of labor involved in the manufacturing process. Our custom fishing lures are thru wired with stainless steel wire and include the highest quality hardware including the strongest and sharpest hooks available and include an exceptionally durable epoxy finish. AM Lures have no split rings which creates a stronger more streamlined lure that will help you catch that fish of a lifetime.
AM Fishing Lures are designed and built for durability and of course ACTION!.

Backyard Custom Rods & Repairs

Backyard Custom Rods & Repairs

Steve Fogle has been building and repairing custom fishing rods for about 6 years now. He got his start building 7' fiberglass rods for flounder and now builds everything from 5' buggy whips to stand-up tuna rods. He has been fishing the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland for approximately 15 years and mainly targeting stripers. His rods have a great reputation amongst both charter boat Captains as well as novice fisherman. Steve takes pride in the rods that he builds and to make sure that each rod is just right he will interview the angler in advance to to discuss the custom rod. He wants to know what fish they intend to target, what size handles, guides etc to create the perfect custom rod for each angler.


Captain Steve’s Lures & Tackle LLC

We are a small home-based business that sells affordable fishing tackle. Our main line is a soft plastic lure in 6 or 10 inches size, which have been named BKDs. Our plastics have been described as affordable, durable and great action. We do the majority of our sales on our website
We attend a number of fishing flea markets during the winter months in NJ, MD, PA and VA. Our products are being used from Rhode Island to Florida, both by charters, guides and the average fishing person.

The 6-inch plastics are used for jigging with light tackle in both fresh and saltwater.
The 10-inch plastics are used for jigging and offshore fishing.
The colors are listed on our website.

We are also selling jig heads but they are not on our website. You must email or call 304-725-6633 to order the jig heads. They come in the following sizes 1/2oz, 3/4oz, 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz. All are painted white with large eyes and have a 5/0 wide gap, black nickel hook. The jigs are either squid heads or shad heads. We are also offering these jigs with a splash of either chartreuse green, chartreuse yellow, pink, or glow paint if desired.

Captain Steve and/or Sandee will be happy to assist you with any questions.

CW CRAB patented crankbait lure
"It's a well known fact that ALL inshore gamefish love to eat baby crabs. CW CRAB is a patented crankbait lure, that has been in development for over fifteen years. The idea was to create a lure that looked and tracked like a real baby crab. The final design consists of the lure's shell and swim fins being molded from a real blue crab. "

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Backyard Custom Rods and Repairs

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