Super Bowl Pool Rules:

$1000 will be awarded (provided we sell all 100 squares), $250 per quarter!!
Select as many squares as you like. Send your request in the form of a grid coordinate to the webmaster.
Ex.- G4, A2 and your name.
We will insert your name into the appropriate square.
Squares cost $10.00 each, payment is due immediately after selecting a square.
Once all squares have been filled in we will randomly, and with witnesses,
select numbers (using playing cards) from 0-9 on each axis.
This will then give your square(s) a point value.
Ex. AFC 4 NFC 8

At the end of each quarter a winner will be determined. The winner is determined by the number of points for each team.
Ex. AFC 4 NFC 8 the person who has their name in the 4,8 spot will win.
If the score was 0 to 0 the 0,0 person would win.
If the score was 21 to 14 the person with the 1,4 would win. It is always the second number if greater than 10.

It is possible one square could win all four quarters.
Someone is guaranteed to win each quarter.
Overtime will not count, just the 1st 4 quarters.
It is completely based on luck, so good luck!

Mail your payment to:

The Consortium
c/o Mike Thron
4922 Fairmont Ave
Suite 230
Bethesda, MD 20814

Of course this is all fictitious because gambling on sports is illegal except in the state of Nevada.