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This information is provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. www.dnr.state.md.us


  1. Entries may be submitted at any time during the tournament year.
  2. Fish must be a species commonly fished for with rod and reel and caught by legal methods during a legally open season.
  3. The fish must be considered "trophy sized."
  4. The catch must be weighed on scales of an official citation center and certified by a designated biologist from the Department of Natural Resources.
  5. It is the responsibility of the angler to fill out completely and accurately the official Maryland Sport Fishing Tournament entry blank. A side view photograph of the catch must accompany the entry and the actual tackle used must be exhibited to the agent of the citation center.
  6. Fish which are caught from pay to fish areas are not eligible for record consideration.
  7. Citation Centers and anglers should immediately notify the Maryland Sport Fishing Tournament Office of a potential State Record fish as soon as possible.
    Tournament Office Contact Information
    Tournament Manager: Angel Bolinger
    Toll Free Number: 1-877-620-8DNR ext. 8294
    Direct: 410-260-8294
    Fax: 410-260-8279
    *Late day or weekend catches should be immersed in ice water until the tournament office is notified.
  8. Positive identification of the species of fish is mandatory for consideration of State Record applications. The actual fish must be inspected by a Department of Natural Resources biologist.
  9. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources reserves the right to investigate the methods used in catching the fish and the accuracy of measuring and weighing. It also reserves the right to reject any application.
  • Although citations are awarded based on length only, all fish being considered for State Records must be weighed. This is because existing records have been maintained by weight. If the citation center you visit does not have a certified scale, a biologist from the Department of Natural Resources will verify the weight and species.
Catch Location
Albacore 70.1 lbs. Gary Lee Withers 11/08/00 Rockpile - West of Poorman's Canyon
Atlantic Spadefish 7 lbs., 12.8 oz Bill Jacobs 09/03/00 Winter Quarter Shoal
Black Seabass 8lbs. Hayward Madison 1978 Jackspot
Bluefish 23 lbs., 8 oz Lillian Morris 10/30/74 Assateague Island
Dolphin 67 lbs., 8 oz Kim Lawson 07/21/85 53 miles off Ocean City
Drum, Black 79 lbs. Stanley Ilyes 09/07/85 Bass Grounds
Drum, Red 70 lbs. Robert Light 09/24/77 Assateague Island
False Albacore 22 lbs., 8 oz Kevin Sheckells 06/25/95 Third Lump
Flounder 17 lbs. Anthony Vacari 10/03/74 Assategue Island
King Mackerel 47 lbs. Gerald Kauffman 10/18/85 Big Gulf
Kingfish 2 lbs., 8 oz Grace Walker 10/01/75 Assateague Island
Porgy 6 lbs., 3 oz Pearl Hopple 07/04/66 Fenwick Shoal
Marlin, Blue 942 lbs. Jim Daniel 08/09/89 Poor Mans Canyon
White Marlin 135 lbs George Pierson 08/29/80 Poor Mans Canyon
Shark, Black Tip 193 lbs. Brian Zysk 08/04/91 Ocean City
Shark, Blue 280 lbs. Martin Waltman 09/13/97 Ocean City
Shark, Dusky* 469 lbs. Jim Liberto 07/01/82 Ocean City
Shark, Great White 467 lbs. Jack Holmes 06/11/92 Ocean City
Shark, Hammerhead, Scalloped 191 lbs. Larry Pendleton 08/20/93 Ocean City

Shark, Hammerhead, Smooth

165 lbs. Gary King 08/05/93 Ocean City
Shark, Mako 766 lbs. Frank Gaither 05/25/84 First Lump
Shark, Sand Tiger* 334 lbs Billy Leidner 09/08/83 Ocean City
Shark, Sandbar 235 lbs Mark Sampson 07/08/83 Ocean City
Shark, Dogfish, Smooth 15 lbs., 5 oz. Gregg Bacchien 05/22/93 Ocean City
Shark, Dogfish, Spiny 11 lbs., 8 oz. Meyels Sampson 05/17/93 Ocean City
Shark,Thresher 585 lbs. Donnie Simon 06/04/99 Ocean City
Shark, Tiger 1,210 lbs. Grace Czerniak 07/09/83 Ocean City
Sheepshead 16 lbs., 2 oz Kevin Blouch 10/07/95 Ocean City Inlet
Spotted Seatrout 13 lbs. Jack Miller 08/21/73 Sinepuxent Bay
Striped Bass 52 lbs., 8 oz Chris Salp 05/11/03 Assateague Island
Tautog 19 lbs., 8 oz Noah King 05/10/80 Jackspot
Tuna, Bigeye 375 lbs., 8 oz Cecil Browne 08/26/77 Ocean City
Tuna,Blackfin 32 lbs. Bob Zang 09/20/98 30 Fathom Line

Tuna, Bluefin

625 lbs. James Daniels, IV 08/03/75 45 miles East of Ocean City
Tuna, Yellowfin 187 lbs. Dennis Lorah 07/25/98 Baltimore Canyon
Wahoo 111 lbs. Christian Tiller 10/08/03 Poor Man's Canyon
Weakfish 16 lbs. Donald Cannon 09/11/76 Ocean City Inlet

*Indicates species is no longer eligible for State record consideration.

Catch Location
Black Drum
103 lbs., 8 oz
Robert Messik Jr.
Buoy #16
Bluefish 22 lbs. John Davidson 10/18/79 Off Queen Anne Marina
Ronald Raffo 05/31/86 Hackett's Point
Thomas R. Talbott 05/08/91 Chesapeake Beach
44 lbs., 6 oz
Jimmy Lake
Morgantown Beach
Catfish, Channel 29 lbs., 10 oz Kevin Kern 04/26/97 Mattawoman Creek
Chain Pickerel 6lbs., 8 oz James Grant 05/19/65 Susquehanna River
Cobia 97 lbs., 12 oz John Scheifele 09/12/69 Middle Grounds
Crappie 2 lbs., 10 oz Lawrence Rush 04/04/02 Swann Creek
Croaker 6 lbs., 3 oz Rome Tull 07/09/80 Puppy Hole
Flounder 15 lbs. Kenneth Grimes 10/14/78 Buoy #50
Hickory Shad* 4 lbs. John Schaeffer Jr. 07/23/71 Susquehanna River
Largemouth Bass 9 lbs., 1 oz J.D. Noell 09/13/75 Pocomoke River
Norfolk Spot 2 lbs. Parlett Moore 09/05/78 Tangier Sound
Red Drum 74 lbs., 6 oz Earnest Hutchinson 05/15/77 Tangier Sound
Rock Bass 1 lb Timothy A. Adams 05/04/97 Susquehanna River
Sheepshead 6 lbs., 5.92 oz Tom Horan 09/25/99 Middle Grounds
Smallmouth Bass 6 lbs. Charles Janes 07/23/71 Susquehanna River
Spanish Mackerel 9 lbs., 6.4 oz Joseph E. Haller 10/10/99 Kenwood Beach
Spotted Seatrout 16 lbs., 6 oz John Phillips 05/15/77 Roaring Point
Striped Bass 67 lbs., 8 oz Devin Nolan 05/13/95 Bloody Point
Weakfish 16 lbs., 8 oz Wayne Lappe 05/08/79 Nanticoke River
White Perch 2 lbs., 10 oz Sid Stollings 05/18/79 Dundee Creek
White Shad* 8 lbs., 2 oz Vance Carter 05/03/75 Wicomico River
Yellow Perch 2 lbs., 3 oz Niles Pethel 11/21/79 Marsh Creek

*Indicates species is no longer eligible for State record consideration.

Catch Location
Bass, Largemouth 11 lbs., 2 oz Rodney Cockrell 10/04/83 Farm Pond
8 lbs., 4 oz Gary Peters 10/04/74 Liberty Reservoir
Striped Bass 47 lbs, 2 oz Robert Bruce 09/14/00 Liberty Reservoir
Bluegill 3 lbs., 7 oz Sarah Brenneman 8/09/98 Deep Creek Lake
Carp 47 lbs., 8 oz Wayne Longenecker 06/11/97 Frederick County Farm Pond
Catfish, Blue 53 lbs. Michael Kingree 12/06/01 Potomac River at Greenway Flats
Catfish, Channel 27 lbs. Kenneth Foland 10/20/83 Red Rock-Potomac
Chain Pickerel 7 lbs. 4 oz Roy Molick, Sr. 11/27/76 Johnson Pond
Crappie 4 lbs., 4 oz Gary Williams 09/27/87 Indian Acres
Northern Pike 24 lbs., 12 oz Shawn Jacobson 10/16/99 Deep Creek Lake
Tiger Muskellunge 29 lbs, 4.75 oz Kevin Conner 2/14/97 Dam # 5
Perch, White 1 lb. 5 oz Joshua Hudgins 08/15/00 Liberty Reservoir
Perch, Yellow 2 lbs., 6 oz Charles Morgan 06/08/83 Deep Creek Lake
Red Ear Sunfish 2 lbs., 5 oz Vittie Alkocius 06/04/85 Gilbert Run
Rock Bass 1 lb., 3 oz Andy Grosko 10/26/98 Liberty Reservoir
Trout, Brook 6lbs., 1.75 oz Mike Fiorita, Jr. 04/10/99 North Branch of the Potomac River below Randolph Dam
Trout, Brown 18 lbs., 3 oz Gary Kuhn 08/03/01 North Branch of Potomac at Barnum
Trout, Cutthroat 7 lbs. 9 oz David G. Martin 05/20/00 North Branch of Potomac at Barnum
Trout, Rainbow 14 lbs., 3 oz Dave Schroyer 10/21/87 Savage River Reservoir
Walleye 14 lbs., 4 oz John McCarley 05/16/98 Jennings Randolph Reservoir

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