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Marlin Grind Lures

Marlin Grind lures are individually hand crafted works of art
Marlin Grind Lures is a full custom shop for offshore trolling lures. Unique, cutting edge products give you a secret weapon against the boring mass produced lures on the market today.

Marlin Grind welcomes you to try our world class products for yourself and see what a difference a custom built lure can make!

Marlin Grind lures are individually hand crafted works of art

Kent Island Kayaks

Chris Dollar has a newly opened kayak shop at Wells Cove Marina, conveniently located on Kent Narrows and right next to the Hilton Garden Inn. CD Outdoors

Chris carries only high-quality kayaks, kayak accessories and equipment. And of course, his speciality is kayak fishing, though he does also cater to the recreational and hunting paddler.

Kent Island Kayaks is located 100 yards off Route 5o (exit 42) so stop by and check out the new shop or call the shop at 877-KI-KAYAK (877/545-2925) or email us at

Mention you heard about the new store on and receive 10% off any purchase this Fall.

Fishoff Glove

Fishoff Glove
Rick Long grew up fishing the Chesapeake Bay and came up with a great new product to help us fishermen here in Maryland. He was always cutting or sticking his hands when handling and releasing fish and now with the many stories of "fish handlers disease" these gloves are even more appealing.

The Fishoff Gloveis a sturdy cotton glove with a crinkle finish rubber latex coating that really holds slippery fish. It has hook-and-loop attachment system. The open cuff design allows for easy on and off. Fishoff Glove™ comes in two models a Boat/Cooler Model with a hook and loop attachment for boat or cooler and a Belted or Clip-on Model that has a single glove, for left or right hand.

Made in Maryland- Support your Local Angling Merchants

Maryland is blessed with a wide array of angling opportunities from native trout streams in Western MD, reservoirs and rivers in Central MD to the Atlantic Ocean on our coast and of course the Chesapeake Bay in between. So, it is not surprising a wide variety of small angling based businesses also reside within the "Old Line" state. Being that is a small business we felt compelled to team up with other small businesses in and around Maryland who offer locally produced fishing goods and services. We think that helping other small businesses in MD is a good way to keep jobs, resources and income within the state to help us all. We hope you will also feel a strong commitment to help support these merchants as well.

Backyard Custom Rods and Repairs is a small business based in Walkersville, Md run by Steve Fogle. Backyard Custom Rods and Repairs
Steve hand crafts rods to your own personality and fishing needs and in the process creates a workable piece of art in each rod. Steve built a rod for me that has the backbone and hook setting power I desired and put the personal touches on it that make it truly a keepsake. So next time you need a rod instead of going to a chain sporting goods store or ordering one from a gigantic outdoor retailer why not give Steve a call and see if he can make a custom rod to your specifications. You can check out Backyard Custom Rods and Repairs by visiting or by calling them on (301) 898-1136.

A Maryland based small business we are teaming with is AM Lures in Havre de Grace, MD. AM Lures Unveils New Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Lure Big Al hand crafts wooden poppers that have been tested by some local fishing and they really seem to catch fish, especially on the flats. Each lure is hand turned, painted and assembled one at a time and the quality shows. They even have a specialty lure, The Maryland Warrior that almost looks to good to use. Visit AM Lures website at

Another local (well not MD but close) small home-based business BKD's that sells affordable fishing tackle is Capt. Steve's Lures. Steve is the creator of the renowned Bass Kandy Delight's otherwise known as BKD's, these soft plastic lures in 6 or 10 inch sizes are great jigging lures for the bay. I have personally caught dozens of fish on them and can attest to their effectiveness as well as how long they last compared to similar looking baits. If you are headed out on the bay or down to the CBBT and don't have an arsenal of BKD's you are missing out. To visit Capt. Steve's Lures go to

A new partner with us this year is, your - 3D bathymetric images combined with information from traditional NOAA charts offer a unique perspective of your favorite fishing areas Maryland source for Chesapeake Bay fishing maps. They are another small company owned and operated by Maryland natives - not a national map company. They have decades of first-hand experience on the Bay, and fifteen years of mapping experience using advanced mapping techniques to bring a unique visualization of the Bay's depths.

One of more important partners is Maryland based Ecotone Ecotone Inc.- Environmental Consulting- which provides wetland design and construction, stream restoration, forest and wetland mitigation, environmental consulting and permitting, and stream construction in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic Region. They utilize market forces to fund many of their projects, Ecotone restores habitat and function to environmental resources. Ecotone has developed numerous successful wetland and forest mitigation sites throughout Maryland. They currently have several sites available for reforestation and wetland mitigation credit within the Central Maryland region. Stream restoration is also available in selected watersheds, and site specific wetland and forest mitigation site development can be provided.

Now that you have your new rod, lures, maps and clean restored watershed you are ready to hit the water with one of our select Maryland Charter Guides to learn from the best. Starting at the top of the Bay and working our way down we have Capt. Karl Bunch focusing on the Susquehanna River and Flats, Capt. John Wilkinson in the mid/upper bay, Capt. Walleye Pete in the lower bay and CBBT and our good friend Capt. Jim Brincefield who defected MD and is now out of VA Beach. Please contact one of these guides for your next charter trip on the bay.

And finally, don't forget to support our small business as well. The Maryland Angler's Network works with and supports a variety of organizations whose goals are to protect our waterways and maintain a healthy recreational fishery here in Maryland. Any purchases or Cafepress purchases made through a link on our site will help generate a small commission for us to help fund our operating expenses.

Gyotaku Fish Rubbings Make a Great Way to Preserve a Prized Catch

A Gyotaku print made by artist and fisherman Brett Swindell - 757-484-4562

I recently found out about Brett Swindell and his Chesapeake Bay Fish Prints
and wanted to spread the word to other fishermen whom I'm sure will also want to contact him to create a lasting piece of art from their own catch. I was not familiar with Gyotaku but apparently it has been around for centuries. Years ago Japanese fishermen developed a way to record fish they were proud of. Their Gyotaku fish rubbings are a perfect cross between a full size photograph of your fish and a taxidermist's stuffed mount. Gyotaku means "Fish Impression" (ghee-yo-tah-koo), means fish print in Japanese. gyo means fish, and taku means print, rubbing, or impression and that is exactly what a Gyotaku fish print is - the ink image of the body of the fish transferred to the paper. The fish print (commonly called a fish rubbing), is the EXACT mirror image of one side of the fish- each characteristic of the fish is recorded - every scale and fin's impression. Only a few high quality fish prints can be made from each fish and each Gyotaku fish print is ALWAYS unique.

The legend tells of a Japanese emperor who went fishing and caught a big red snapper. The emperor was ecstatic, but this big catch presented him with a big problem. Red snapper was the emperor's favorite food to eat, but the fish was so large that he thought he must permanently display the fish in the palace. After much thought, he arrived at the perfect solution. He ordered his servants to paint the fish with ink and then press it on paper to create an impression. He then ordered them to clean the fish and prepare it for a feast at the palace. That night, the emperor and his court enjoyed a fabulous red snapper dinner, while marveling at the beautiful rubbing of the great fish that was now hanging in the imperial dining hall. Who says you can't keep your fish and eat it too!

Fish rubbing has been performed by Japanese fishermen ever since. Eventually the technique spread to America in 1952 when a Japanese ichthyologist (fish scientist), Yoshio Hiyama, shared his fish rubbings with American scientists. He presented them as scientific illustrations of Japanese fish species. A good fish rubbing is probably the most accurate image, in every detail, of a fish's external features.

Brett Swindell is an avid waterman who has spent his entire life on the ocean. His love for the sea has taken him from his home on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia to San Diego and for the last few years a small beach town in Costa Rica called Playa Jaco. He is back in Virginia now and is busy working on fish rubbings of Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean fish in between fishing trips. I recently received my Striped Bass print from Brett and can honestly say it is stunning work of art. Here is a picture of the framed print before I hung it on my office wall for all to enjoy.

Contact Brett today to commission a Gyotaku print for yourself - Brett Swindell - 757-484-4562

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