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Online, phone sales now available!

ANNAPOLIS - Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary C. Ronald Franks today announced that for the first time in Maryland history, hunters and anglers can now purchase licenses online through DNR's website, or over the phone at 1-800-918-2870. These new services complement the existing 320 retail vendors that currently and will continue to sell licenses.

Fulfilling a commitment to deliver flexibility to core customers, DNR researched, evaluated and developed a plan that was cost-effective and reasonable to these expanded services to complement the existing retail vendors.

"This morning from the comfort of my home, I logged onto the DNR website and was able to quickly and easily purchase my 2005 hunting license," DNR Secretary C. Ronald Franks said. "The sale of licenses online in no way replaces the long tradition of purchasing a license from one of our retail vendors however, we know that more and more people are making purchases online and we are happy to provide this convenience for our customers."

For a nominal service fee ($1 plus 2.5% of the subtotal cost plus mailing, if applicable), hunters and anglers can now enjoy the ease and convenience of purchasing a license from the Internet or by telephone. The convenience fee pays for the electronic processing, fulfillment and mailing if required.

Maryland Sport Fishing License Agents

Sport hunting and fishing licenses are available throughout Maryland at sporting goods stores, bait and tackle shops, and other businesses associated with recreational fishing, hunting or boating activities. The Department of Natural Resources, Licensing and Registration Services, provides a listing of fishing license agents as a public service to the citizens and visitors of Maryland. You may access these agents by the region/county/city in which they are located.

The following links are provided as a public service of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

List of MD Department of Natural Resources License Agents

On Line License Applications

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